Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Oct 2005)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Hello members of Local 115. It is now less than 12 weeks before Christmas and you should know the hours that you are working for the holidays. The local has received many calls from members that have questions and concerns about their scheduled hours. I
will refer you to Art 18- page 57 of the contract and to Art 17, page 51 which makes reference to your rights under the CA. The annual Vacation Planner that was posted in Jan- March 15 does include Dec and Jan (Xmas Hours). If you made a request in the vacation planner for Dec/05 you should have received approval or disapproval on April 30/05. Check your schedule to see if it is compliant with the contract. If you have questions or concerns call us at 670-9960 or 237-2377. If there is a grievance issue – you must file a grievance within 10 working days of when you first became aware of the issue.

Many units have contacted us about PRC (Professional Responsibility) issues regarding  short-staffing. It is your responsibility to provide safe patient care: if you feel issues on the unit compromise your ability to provide safe care, notify your PCM and call your Local Executive @ 670-9960.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween.

Take care,

Michelle M. Senkow RN, BScN

President – UNA-Local 115


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