Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Aug 2005)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Welcome August and hope you are enjoying summer. Some problems still exist with  PAYROLL – it is important that you know your rights under the Collective Agreement. Refer to Art 32B- page 106 to know about Compensation Overpayments.

Remember when you visit your family physician to ask for a prescription for any over the counter drugs which you may require: e.g. Vitamins, cough syrup, Ibuprofen… The drug benefit coverage for UNA covers medications prescribed by a physician. The computer at the drug store will process automatically the 80% coverage. If you run into problems call us at 670-9960 or 237-2377.

It is important as unionized workers to support our fellow workers that are on STRIKE. Come walk the line to support.

Take care,

Michelle M. Senkow RN, BScN

President – UNA-Local 115


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