Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Jun 2005)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

June has arrived and so have over 100 Undergrad (UG) nurses to the CHR. Welcome to the nursing workforce.

This month I attended the CFNU (Canadian Federation Nurses Unions) conference in Regina. Linda Silas our CFNU President spoke of “Keeping the Circle Strong”- working together through our nursing challenges.

Congratulations to Pauline Worsfold who was reelected to the CFNU Secretary –  Treasurer position and to Heather Smith the 2005 recipient of the Bread and Roses Award for work and dedication to unionism. (See photo on the right)

As summer approaches and we all know there will bechallenges- staffing, etc. The  problems occurring here also exist in many other provinces. I find networking and working together for solutions is the best part of the conference.

This month I would like to highlight a few areas of concerns in our Local.

The PRC (Professional Responsibility Committee), OH & S and Grievance Committees are very busy advocating for your rights and concerns. If you have a problem, question or concern, call your Local office for help.

Overtime seems to be a concern – WHAT is overtime and when am I entitled to it. YES – CHARTING is overtime – it is your professional responsibility and duty to safe patient care- it is part of your job and employer time.

If you need to stay after a shift – miss a break …it is Overtime – FILL out an OVERTIME form- inform your Charge Nurse that your are filling out for overtime – IF you have concerns, questions or REFUSAL OF OVERTIME – call your UNA office.

IF you are SICK – and all individuals are entitled to be sick – Your PCM can ask for a sick note…which you should get when you are able from your physician and give this note to OH & S office – do not give any personal medical information or notes to your PCM – give them to the OH & S nurse. Call our office if you have questions.

Enjoy your time off whenever it may be- HOPE the sun will shine.

Take care,

Michelle M. Senkow RN, BScN


UNA-Local 115


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