Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (May 2005)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

May arrives in a flurry with snow and many activities surrounding Nursing Week and Recertification time. Thank you to Heather Smith – UNA President, for being a guest at our Local Meeting and Nursing Week Tea. The many members that attended said it was so nice to meet Heather in person and discuss nursing issues.

It was also sad to see that some nurses have never celebrated Nursing Week – have never participated in any events that are meant to say Thank You for the wonderful job they do. Nursing is a job that can often be so busy you don’t get time to stop and reflect on
your practice and profession.

UNA works very hard to ensure that you are working in optimum conditions and with a collective agreement that enables you to practice safely. If you have concerns about conditions on the unit you are working on, please call and discuss with your Local Executive at 670-9960.

Remember it is Recertification time and that means you are entitled to the following in-service programs on a yearly basis: Page 115 and 116 of the contract.

CPR, Anaphylaxis, Fire (hands on), Evacuation and disaster, and proper lifting and prevention of back injuries. This is all PAID time to attend, if you have questions about what is the applicable pay -call us. All fulltime staff that work additional hours is Overtime.

In addition to these mandatory In-services you should receive 23 additional hours per year  of in-service education and also 3 Professional Development days of your choice each year before March 31 of each year.

Again call us if you have questions.

Enjoy some sunshine when you are able to and call us with any concerns or questions. I encourage all interested members to put your nomination in to attend the UNA – Annual general Meeting in October, 2005 in Edmonton. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience how the union works for you.

Come to the June 8th Local meeting and elect your Local 115 delegates.

Michelle M. Senkow


UNA-Local 115


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