Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Apr 2005)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Welcome May and Nursing Week…the theme is “Nursing: Patients first, Safety, always.’

What a theme as Local 115 is busy with over 50 PRC’s (Professional Responsibility Committee) dealing with situations where RN’s are replaced with unregulated workers, lack of orientation and short-staffing situations.

We emphasize that we must report to protect our patients – to make the work environment a SAFE place for all. Contact the local executive with your concerns.

Celebrate during Nursing Week the wonderful job you do – the expert and professional care that you give each day, sometimes under stressful times. Join us May 9th as we celebrate Nursing Week and the accomplishments we have achieved. Come meet your
committee members and our special guest UNA President- Heather Smith.

On May 2, there is an information meeting about the HBA Proposal of extending our contract for one year, and a 3% salary increase. Advanced Voting will occur on May 3rd from 1500 to 1700, and Voting on May 4th from 0600 – 2000. Both voting sessions will occur in the Coombs Theatre Foyer at FMC. Come and exercise your right to VOTE.

Congratulations to the new nursing graduates that are entering the workforce, to my fellow classmates of the Class of 1980 Foothills School of Nursing celebrating their 25th reunion and to the many nurses of Local 115 that are receiving the Long-Term Service awards.
Thank you for your contributions to the profession of nursing.

Please look at the Local 115 Webpage at, and the Newsletter for all the latest Local news and information.

Michelle M. Senkow


UNA-Local 115


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