Message from the UNA Local 115 Executive (Nov 2004)

Message from President Michelle Senkow

Hello everyone, as October passes and the Christmas preparations begin we pass another UNA – Annual General Meeting. Over four hundred RN‘s/RPN/s from across Alberta attended. Thank you to the 42 elected delegates and observers from our local that attended. It truly is an experience in nursing and democracy. It was wonderful to see a variety of representation from throughout the local and satellites.

Special guest speaker- Cathy Fenwick spoke on “Keeping spirit alive at work: taking care of caregivers.” Truly a rewarding session emphasizing that laughter in life and work is very important to well being. Nurses need to remember to take care of themselves. You are entitled to and should take your breaks. “Healthy humour is based on caring and empathy, builds confidence, brings people closer and is mutually supportive.” It was fun to laugh with my colleagues at a time when nursing and healthcare is being challenged.

The work of nursing and then our personal lives can be stressful.

Thank you for the hard work you do for your patients and nursing. I hope people realize that if you love your work and are having fun, motivation and drive follow. I want to emphasize this so nurses enjoy their jobs and that the union is here to help where we can to achieve


This list is NOT exhaustive; it highlights the critical changes that members should know about. It is important that you contact your Local or your Labour Relations Officer for more details.


Shift differential does not apply if a shift ends between 1500 and 1700 hours. A new night premium of $2.00/hour is paid for the full shift where the majority of hours are between 2300 and 0700 hours or per hour if more than one hour is worked between 2300 and 0700
hours. Weekend premium does not apply for working a shift that ends between 1500 and 1700 hours on a Friday.


There is a new process and form for recovery of overpayments. Your Employer cannot unilaterally deduct an overpayment from your pay check.


Travel time for attending meetings of committees are paid at the applicable rate rather than basic rate, and mileage and travel time are paid when the meeting is more than 35 kms from the nurse’s home site or home.


There is an increase in meal rates when nurses travel more than fifty kms from their home site or from their normal work area (where that work area exceeds a fifty kms from home site).

  • Breakfast – $7.50
  • Lunch – $9.50
  • Supper – $17.00

There is also an increase in the flat rate (when no receipt produced) to $16.00 and the per diem allowance to $6.00.


There will be three types of positions

(a) “at” a site
(b) “at or out of” position is one where the nurse is required in the regular course of his or her duties to perform work at more than one site on an unscheduled basis.
(c) “multi-site” position is one where the nurse is required to work routinely and on a scheduled basis “at” or “at or out of” more that one site.

You will receive a letter from your Employer confirming the type of position you hold within 120 days of ratification. The majority of nurses will continue to work at one single site.


If a nurse is given notice of a change in position, the nurse can accept the change in position, exercise her rights under lay off and recall except the right to displace or object to the change. However, the nurse may be able to displace if there is a valid reason for refusing the position. If the nurse chooses to object the Employer must initiate a formal review process.


If your position is transferred to a site over 50 kms from your home site, you may accept the transfer or decline and exercise all rights under Article 15. If the move is less than 50 kms from your home site then your options are the similar, but you have the right to displace only if there is a valid reason you are refusing the transfer.


Relocations due to renovations or facility or equipment maintenance or failure are allowed if less then 150 days and less than 50 kms.

There are limits for transfers in emergency circumstances.

Nurses can volunteer for temporary relocation as long as the term is three months or less.


Your Employer can create float positions. However, those positions cannot exceed 3% of the total full time equivalencies (FTE). Float positions must be limited to working no more than three sites and the furthest two sites cannot be more than 100 kms from the home site.


In the event of downsizing the Employer is required to offer severance.


Where the Employer is unable to fill positions of less than .42 FTE after posting and offering the hours under the Letter of Understanding Re: Decreasing and Increasing Regular Hours of Work, the Employer can post combined positions to work at more than one site. The combined positions will be limited to working at three sites and the sites must be within 100kms of one another. These combined positions are to be reviewed
if they become vacant in the future.

NOTE: This Letter of Understanding does not apply to the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary


Michelle M. Senkow
President, UNA Local 115


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